Laurel Saltzman

I can’t thank Laurel Saltzman enough for finding me a home. She is a total professional with a calm, matter-of- fact, positive attitude and sense of humor that made working with her a joy. She listened to me, knew what I wanted, what I could afford, and found it – fast. This was my first real estate purchase and Laurel stayed with me throughout the entire process. It was a difficult time for me, but she made it a smooth sailing, and I knew she always had my back. I hope I never have to move again – but if I do, I’ll be calling Laurel.


Vee and Greg Jaroszewski 

“Vadim and I just wanted to say how much we appreciate Vee and Greg  as our real estate agents.  We know that this has been an incredibly long journey, and you’ve been amazing every step of the way.  I remember cold-calling your office two years ago- I chose Gagliardo simply because I wanted a real estate agent with an office that was actually in River Forest because I needed someone who could really explain to me everything about the city since we knew nothing about it – and the person who answered the phone passed me along to Vee.  You guys were exactly what we were looking for, and you helped us find the perfect home for our family. You were incredibly kind, sympathetic when we needed it, pushy when we needed that too, and so, so helpful in every way.  We can’t thank you enough – and we will tell that to every single person who will be looking for a home in this are (and we have a bunch of friends heading this way the next few years).  I know that we’ll continue to see you all the time since we’ll be neighbors, so we won’t lose touch, and we’ll have you over as soon as we set up our house (in the next few weeks), but I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to us.” -  

Love, Danielle, Vadim, Anya and Aria


Colleen Navigato

 “We were absolutely thrilled with Colleen’s commitment and service in finding us a new home. With my wife’s dog allergy, we had restrictions on what we were to purchase, and her pro-activity in finding out whether there were dogs living or visiting each home that came on the market was a huge help. She was very knowledgeable about the market and what was available, as well as the proper pricing. It was a highly stressful process to find a home that met our very exacting requirements, but Colleen made the experience much less so with her patience, hard work, and positive disposition.” –

Patrick O.


Tom Poulos

“My wife and I were on the verge of making an offer to purchase a home without the assistance of a broker.  By chance, we became acquainted with Tom Poulos before we made the offer.  Good thing because we learned that we were about to make an offer far in excess of the true market value of the home!    We subsequently hired Tom to assist us with our purchase and also with the sale of our existing home.  We found him to be the consummate professional:  he was honest, made sure that he understood the most important features we wanted in a home, had a commanding grasp of the recent purchase prices paid for comparable properties and was always available to us either in person or by phone for the inevitable ‘hand-holding’ that home-buyers sometimes need.  We were again impressed by the professionalism and dedication of Tom and his colleagues at Gagliardo Realty Associates LLC in developing a listing price and the marketing efforts that lead to a contract for sale of our current home in about a week.  I have and will continue to refer potential buyers and sellers of real estate to Tom.” -

Harry Hicks


Rosa Pitassi

“Rosa helped me sell my home quickly and efficiently.  She suggested staging ideas, explained the process thoroughly, and knows the marketplace i.e. price points and how and when to market.  She held open houses when the time was right, and her follow up with me as well as follow through with prospective buyers was excellent and timely.  She understands the business of real estate/buying and selling and made what could have been a daunting process easy and convenient.  I felt that I was in good hands from start to finish and that Rosa always had my best interests at heart. In short . . .  Rosa Pitassi is the BEST and I’d call on her again in a heartbeat!” -

Michelle A.


 Debbie Watts

“We could not have dreamed of a better agent then Debbie. Debbie does an outstanding job, and is always approachable, informative, helpful and effective. We are grateful to her, and it was our great fortune to have Debbie guide us through this entire process from pre-contemplation through closing. We would most definitely recommend Debbie Watts to our family and closest friends.”  -

Stephanie H.

Donna Barnhisel 

“Donna Barnhisel,  thank you for taking such good care of Alexcia and me.  When we move on to Income Property you’re our lady!  Thank you for the pizza and generous gifts. Remember Hot Tub and wine when Alexcia I get back home for good I think it will be sooner than later. Thank you again. 

Your new Gal Pals, Alexcia & Maria.”


Anne Brennan

“I feel very comfortable recommending Anne Brennan to you as a realtor.  I had tried to sell my condo earlier in 2013 with another realtor and was unsuccessful.  The prior realtor was not very aggressive in trying to market my unit and probably set an overly hopeful asking price.  When I went to re-list I interviewed several realtors and ended up going with Anne.  Anne helped me set a realistic asking price based on her experience and the market.  She then set up a plan to market it quickly to generate interest right away so it did not linger on the market for a long time.  There was a couple of showings and an offer fairly quickly.  I would have to pull my paperwork, but I think it was a matter of weeks and it was close to the asking price.  Again, she was very honest and realistic going into the process and that was beneficial.  Anne was excellent in the negotiations with the buyer and kept them from some unrealistic demands. One of the things I really liked it that she always returned my phone calls and e-mails promptly.  The whole process of buying and selling is stressful and I appreciated how she always got back to me quickly.  I felt I had a partnership with Anne. I was very motivated to sell and really did my best to have my home tidy for each showing. As she was generating potential buyers I felt obligated to do my part to make the home appear its best.  As far as Gagliardo resources,  Anne had access to other listing sources such as realtor.com in addition to the standard MLS. I also had the impression that the other realtors in her office worked as a team and that they were not simply renting a chair there. Best wishes to you in your endeavors.”  

- Vicki Koren

Laura Gancer

I met Laura at the very beginning of my journey as a homeowner and she stuck by my side until the very end, which didn't come until a year and half later. She was incredibly patient, professional and informative throughout the whole process and I'm so thankful I had her by my side. I would recommend her for first time homebuyers especially, but also if it's your fifth time.  She is a gem! -

Syreeta B

Kurt Fiedler

The broker that we used from Gagliardo, Kurt Fiedler, was fantastic! My husband I searched Oak Park high and low for the perfect house and Kurt was patient and helpful the entire way through the process. He helped us get to know the area and, after several months of searching, found us the perfect home. If you are looking for a trustworthy broker who has a great depth of knowledge about the Oak Park area, Kurt is a great person to work with


Alisa Coghill 

“Although we have informally thanked you for all your hard work and time you put in to finding us a home, we wanted to formally express our gratitude to you both, Alisa and Dan.  Your professionalism was a pleasure and getting to know you both made us feel more like family. In doing business together, it is so apparent that you both have found careers that allow you to showcase your abilities and strengths!  Your knowledge of the market, your attention to detail, your negotiation skills and your caring personalities helped us tremendously.  We couldn’t have done it without you – thanks so much!”

– Ashley and Brad, Oak Park


Maria Cullerton

Maria is a dynamo! She's a shrewd negotiator, has a great depth of knowledge about the market, and a realistic approach to achieve her clients' objectives. On top of all of that, she's thoughtful, diplomatic and always laser focused on the needs of her clients."  

- Peg A.


Julie Downey

“It was a pleasure to work with Julie Downey.  Julie is knowledgeable and professional, but is also very warm and personable. She helped us to find the perfect new home, and sold our previous house in one day! We searched for many months prior to finding our new home. She was very accommodating during the process and thorough when it came time to make offers on properties we were interested in. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone interested in buying or selling a property. Thanks again Julie for all your hard work!” 

- Karen K.


Andy Gagliardo 

""My purchase was a short sale which Andy Gagliardo warned me would not be simple. He was correct, but he handled everything perfectly. Before the offer, I had looked at numerous homes with Andy, and his knowledge of the local area is amazing. Remember he has been doing this for over 30 years. For instance, when we were looking at condos, I mentioned that I wanted to be able to grill on my balcony he was able to tell me that there is only one complex in the entire OPRF community that allows grills on the balconies. This immediately eliminated wasted time looking at other condos. He has all sorts of knowledge like this. Also, in some of the older homes, I would see many plumbing or electrical items in the basements that I did not understand. He knows them all. He also pointed out warning signs of water damage or covering up of water damage so I wouldn't get burned. He was not just interested in making a sale, but interested in making the right sale for the client. Great agent.""

- Jill B.

George & Nancy

We can't thank you you enough for all you have done for us over the past 2.5 years to get ys to this place. It is a good home and Dick is very happy! As soon as we get organized we will have you over so you can see what we have done to the place!  Many Thanks again. 

--Dick & Susie

Couldn’t get any better

From the moment Rosa and I met to put my duplex on the market she was a pleasure to deal with. She came to my residence evaluated my property and listed it at a fair market value unknown to Rosa and myself the home would sell in a matter of hours I credit Rosa with her knowledge and experience and would highly recommend her to any of my friends and family who are looking to sell or purchase a house her knowledge surely exceeds anybody’s expectations.

--John Schillinger

Andy has been dedicated to helping others with their real estate needs for years! He is well known and loved in his community for his consistent energy, positivity, and results.  Andy is trustworthy and approachable and working with him provides a sense of comfort and security during stressful home buying and selling decisions.

--Jacquelin Marks